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Originally Posted by amc78cj7 View Post
But Christ was buried and guarded by the Romans, and then his resurrected body was eyewitnessed by hundreds, who had not only 'seen' this resurrection, but were so convinced that they died to stand behind their testimony even when Nero gave them the chance to back out. My guess, if you were to find someone who saw Criss Angel levitate, and then torture them and tell them if they rescind their statement they can leave or if they stand behind it they will die. And if you did this 2-3 times before finally killing wouldn't have any eyewitnesses left for Criss Angel. But those who witnessed the resurrection were tortured and went to the grave for their testimony. You have to admit, that is pretty powerful.
That was also in a different time. I have my doubts that it could be repeated today.

BTW, I have no interest in convincing you (or any other Christians) that Jesus was not Divine. I simply am not a believer. I enter the discussion mainly for the opportunity to try and understand others beliefs, even if they are not my own.
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