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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
At this point I'm not blaming fed ex. I'm blaming the woman who sounded like she was doing 12 other things while talking to me on the phone...
Ok, now I'm on the Fedex hate band wagon, but I'm also blaming Springfield on this one.

They sent the gun so that there can't be any reroutes, delivery holds, or anything. It requires an adult signature at the ship to address.

I called and talked to FedEx and the lady even suggested that maybe I could have a neighbor sign for it.

My comment was, "So this item, that the shipper has deemed important enough to have an adult signature can have ANY adult sign for it, even one that isn't me, it could be my neighbor, the guy hanging window quote flyers on my door, or just some guy hanging out on my front porch casing the joint, yet you won't hold it at the hub, where I have to show up, with my photo ID that proves I'm the person the package is intended for? Doesn't that seem kinda silly?" Then she just basically restated that the shipper sent it so that there can't be any reroutes, holds, etc.... Ugh...

Anyway I guess I can go online and schedule a time for FedEx to show up and drop it off.
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