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Originally Posted by opie View Post
Ill define wrong as I see it. Right would be the opposite of what Im about to type.

Wrong is living your life or conducting yourself in a manner that adversely effects other people, or your immediate family. Such as stealing, raping, mugging etc. Thats pretty general, and I can break it down, but I believe my definition covers just about every base.

Having respect for your neighbor and fellow man helps everyone move towards a stronger species.
Those are our societal norms at the moment. You're basing your 'right and wrong' according to what society says is right or wrong. All we need is an emerging society in another country that doesn't agree with those morals and we're screwed if we don't adapt. Then our morals change to accommodate what's happening to us instead of what is truly right or wrong.

First you would have to actually believe your existence has no effect on the future. A. Einstein, G. Washington, T. Edison, S. Jobs, E. Whitney..... Just to name a few, all have effected the future they left behind. This doesn't even scratch the philanthropists that give the majority of their money away like Annenberg. ALL effected the future they left behind.
That's 5 people out of trillions of people. Statistically you have to have a few. But for the most part, I would say that we have about 500 years tops of people remembering who we are. 7 - 800 if you do something 'beyond the norm'. Jesus was 2000 years ago and he's already starting to loose credibility.

Im not sure I buy into the "accident" notion. Generally speaking, it takes two people to engage in sex to create a human. Now, you can argue the outcome of that activity is an accident, but engaging in that activity was not. And placing the burden of the "accident" on the by product of the activity seems to me to be putting that person at a disadvantage right out of the gate.
I'm referring to the reason life began on earth. As I understand it (and my biology major wife has tried to explain it to me) that life happened on accident. Had it not been for a few random things we would still be bubbles of single celled organisms on the surface of rocks.


However.... While we agree that in general most folks can not comprehend that we are just a blip on the radar, they do look at their lives as being long. Mortality is lost on the young. So unless you are going to end your pointless existence, its best to make the best of it while you are here.[/QUOTE]

I think making the best of it could en tale for some being Immoral. My original though was it would make sense for a small group of atheists to be those people because of the thinking I've been portraying here.

When you take eternity and any repercussions of your actions out of the picture (the big picture) I dont' think there would be any reason to follow morals.

Originally Posted by opie View Post
Or we are living the Truman show in endless loop.

It doesn't have to be either or. Maybe we are the 5th installment on this planet.
But who created the show? Who created the Technical director? The Scene designer? .
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