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Originally Posted by amc78cj7 View Post
1) I have not problem believing man can turn away from morals sent from God

2) The premise of evolution is that we evolved AS A SPECIES, with a highly conserved genetic code. Although there are minor differences within the species (SNPs), as a whole the species is very similar (according to evolution). You stated that morals are a part of that evolutionary process. If so, then I would not expect to have such major polar differences in morals observed across subgroups within a species, as that would lead to major divergence and eventually separate species.
Yes. That is the very basis of macro-evolution. If a species gets permanently divided they will eventually evolve in their own direction dependent upon their environment and eventually become distinct species. As can be seen just by looking at people from different places humans we're well on their way to evolving differently. If a group stayed isolated long enough (I don't know how long that would need to be) they would eventually become a separate species. Modern means of transportation developed in the past several hundred years has largely put a stop to this.
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