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Originally Posted by hondadirtracer View Post
Not even close. This idea can be asked about any 'begining of life' story, theory, or theology.

What created the super dense mass that was there before the big bang? What created that, then what created that. IMO, you have to have an eternal (always been here) thing or, the other option, you get something from absolutely nothing.

Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
Why must there be an explanation? Why do we as humans feel the need to have an explanation for something even if it's completely false?

Throughout history societies use stories and other made up bullshit to explain why things happen. I think we as a race are unable to grasp the possible conclusion that there is no explanation, we don't know and may never know how we got here, and we could very well be accidents. So, we make shit up so we can sleep at night.
Christians would argue that we (everybody, not just Christians) search for an explanation because there is one and it's God. That God created that thirst for knowledge and explanation in order to point us to him. That's why I love Science.
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