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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post

When I say 'we're accidents' I'm refering to the fact that, if you believe in Macro evoultion, we're all accidents. Our exsistence is happenstance and to try and put purpose or reasons to that existence seems pointless. Our lives our 'a blip on the radar' as you said. We have no effect on the future as individuals nor really as larger groups. What's the point of following morals if they won't effect the grand scheme of things (thousands/millions of years)?


I'm asking them, but I'm trying to make a point. If you believe in macro evoultion, what benefit does 'following the rules' bring to our species?


I think morals are inherently an emotional thing. What purpose do they serve 'in the world of science'? If we look at our lives scientifically, we're all just a bunch of chemical reactions walking around. Just like plants and any other animal. So why do we hold to our morals (which IMO elevate us over plants and other animals) when, in the scientific world, there is no difference?

Survival. Morals are just a measure of convenience for survival. If the aim of life is to survive, and you are placed in a group setting, you are going to introduce and develop some guidelines that are beneficial to the survival of the group. Different cultures might have different morals, but the shared constant is that all cultures have morals.
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