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Originally Posted by BigBird View Post
Exactly... My 04 was doing all kinds of crazy shit. Voltmeter was still showing decent power, and the idiot light wasn't on, but stereo would work, then not work, no dash lights, but heat and headlights, no gauges, then they'd work... Finally I pulled the alternator and took it into a rebuilders, he pulled it apart while I was there and the brushes were worn clean through the commutator... Rebuilt it for under $150...

Might be something to check anyway...

I wasn't trying to be an Ass earlier, just sounded like the car from Stephen Kings "Christine"...
I have thick skin...

update. so its been dry for a while. when I last put it away lights were left on dim etc. So I put a charger on it and let it charge. then fired it up, and let it run.

NO starter firing while idling. No warning lights after shutting it off. everything works as it should. Dome light turn on when door opens off when closes. Theft light flashes like "normal" after door is shut. no "drawing" off the battery like before.

The radio still shuts off when going into drive or reverse. The dome light does also. wipers work sometimes in drive but sometimes not.

Other than that its allot better. I assume because it was sitting out in the feild getting rained on and allot of moisture/dew. Now sitting at the house the last few days its been real dry. I know its gonna rain tonight so I moved tool box around so I could get it in the garage instead of the buick. I want to keep it dry for now until I can track down the issue hopefully this weekend.

I think I should be investigating the moisture issue first (windsheild is cracked). seems better when its been dry out. I can pull fuse panel and gem apart and check for water and corrosion and clean it up with electric cleaner and see where that puts me? I can also put my volt meter on it this weekend I guess and test the output of the ALT.

Gonna leave the charger on it tonight and let it charge. Then in the AM I will take it off and let it sit till I get home from work and then test battery voltage.

I have a hard time thinking its alt or battery. but who knows.

think im on the right track?

IF I can get this resolved without a ton of money I will take it somewhere and get a new windsheild and make sure its all sealed up (assuming its the moisture issue). BUT, it needs to deal with it or it has to go! this is meant to be the winter/bad weather beater so the regal can stay home in the garage
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