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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
I think most of us were raised with a basic sense of right and wrong. It may have been based on religion, but not necessarily. Every society, whether they believe in a supreme being or not, has rules of conduct. It's a part of what makes up civilized.

For those that missed learning right from wrong while growing up we have laws and a criminal justice system.

Are you saying that the only thing keeping you from being a horrible person is fear of god, and not your regard for your fellow man?
It's all hypothetical, or course, but yes. Like I said, I understand we have morals because they allow us to be civilized and all that comes with it. However, My question is what's the point?

If I'm an accident, you're an accident, everybody is an accident, why should we care? My life has very little impact on the future, at the most maybe 500 years of 'oh yeah, he was a great guy'. So why not just live it up while I can and die when I die?

Even more, aren't the horrible people remembered better then the 'good' people? I may be able to impact people for 7 or 800 years if I'm a horrible, twisted, sick person.

I hope you realize I'm just trying to make a point. Even if morals may have come from non-religious beginnings, they were used to control the masses by the leaders of the society. Which is no different then what 'religion does'.

This is kind of fun acting like the crazy person.....I may have to do this more often.
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