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Default Sova's thread got me thinkin.....

After hearing that guy wine about what Christians ask him, specifically about morality, I had a thought. Bear with me.

Why aren't more atheists/non-believers murders, thieves, and down right immoral people?

The reason the winy Atheist video got me thinking about this is because the guy thinks the question "Do you have morals?" Is ridiculous. But why? What's the point of morals for someone who believes they are an accident?

The bible refers to our life on earth as a puff of air. LIke on a cold morning when you exhale and you see your breath. In the grand scheme of things, that's our lives. That breath has little effect on anything. What would be the point of 'being good'?

Our base morality is all founded in some form of religion or another. I'm not saying just the ten commandments, there are plenty of other influences. Either way though, those morals are derived from the fear or respect to a deity. Which non-believers and atheists have no care for. Why do they then still behave? Does it come off as lunacy to anybody else?

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