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I too have *heard* of lots of issues with Kimber, but I also own one that shoots fantastic, has never had a single issue whatsoever through a couple thousand rounds(feed, fire, eject, you name it, no problems), is comfortable, smooth, concealable, etc. Based on my own experience I'd buy another in a heartbeat. Based on what I've read online since getting mine I'd be hesitant to buy one. It's also worth mentioning that mine is a Ultra Carry II, the model with a 3" barrel and no barrel bushing. That may or may not have anything to do with its performance. I've seen a 4" model that had repeated issues loading the round fully, so the slide wouldn't return fully forward and it couldn't be fired. He no longer owns that gun but now has a 5" fullsize Kimber that he loves.

FWIW, I have no experience with the Sig Sauer 1911, but based on my experience with other Sigs it would be VERY high on my list of guns to check out if I were in the market. Springfield also makes nice stuff, but after owning and shooting both I feel that Sig is a good step higher in the quality and performance categories.....price too

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My buddy is selling his kimber pro Covert. Green Night sights. Green criminson trace from the factory with digi camo grips. 4 inch barrel. 1200. 250 round down the tube and he bought a xds. Gun is to big for his hands.
Your buddy must have some small, girly hands if a single stack 1911 is too much gun for him
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