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I can speak with experience on having bought Kimber, S&W and S-A new, ran guns 5-10k until broke and sent in for repairs. And let me say, 5000 rounds is a lot of shooting for a single pistol. In the interest of brevity, what broke is immaterial.

A phone call to Springfield Armory has FedEx picking up the pistol. I am told repairs will be evaluated and I will be contacted.
After no call I call. I am told pistol went out that morning.
So we went from broken plunger tube to back in service to my door in under two weeks.

A phone call to Kimber get me a Return Authorization number, for ME to ship the pistol to them on my dime. $100.
After Six weeks I get a call saying that Kimber warrantees their firearms for one year to the original owner for one year. I email a copy of my original receipt. It is five years old, they say they will look at it and call back.
Eight weeks later my Kimber is back, like new.
They made it clear they only warrantee to the original owner for one year, but they did fix the pistol to my satifaction.

Between the two you can see the difference in Kimbers fitting and workmanship when comparing them side by side and working the controls. Kimber is a more quality build.

Thats what I know.

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