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After 7 years I am about to change careers. I can still get cobra until the new job's benefits kick in right?

I see them extending the "deadline" of this until 2015 anyway. I just wonder if it has caused the short term insurance companies to pack up. It was $200 for 3 months like 7 years ago. I can see that doubling realistically. I just hope it has not went through the roof as a result of this.

So how does this work with people changing jobs in the future? Will there be a gap of the traditional 90 days with people going on government insurance until enrollment periods or will the employer need to offer instant insurance?

I have worked (for businesses) since I was 16 and never been out of work more then 2 weeks. I have always used cobra to fill the insurance gap. This government insurance is a total cluster that I will stay away from it at all cost as long as possible to avoid identity theft.

I hope that I can still get cobra and not get fined or audited as a result of not having employer or government insurance for 2 months in 2014. Needless to say I will be hanging on to my receipt from cobra until March of 2015.
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