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Default F150 help please (another update)

my current 99' xlt 5.4 4x4 extended cab is being grumpy. It does have 300k miles. but runs pretty good (minor lifter/cam tick). trans rebuilt, and shifts good. once warm tick goes away.

HOWEVER, I jump started it as it sat for a month or so and the battery was dead. since I did that I have had all sorts of problems.

First it started with the radio not working in reverse or drive and coming back on in park or nuetral. AND, the dash lights wont shut off!? the warning lights stay on after ignition off and key out (they are dimmer than when ignition on but still on) the radio also stays on.

Today after having to jump it again (sat for weeks) then when running in park the start starts trying to start again. sounds terrible. when in drive or reverse it quits trying but put it back in park and starter fires! THEN I drove it three miles and my drivers window tried to automatically roll down twice without being asked to. WTF?! Got him put it in park and start starts grinding again.

LOL... what is going on!? its making me crazy.

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