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Originally Posted by jeepinRRT View Post
You have exactly zero understanding of that graph or correlations.

Here is a correct intrepretation...
This graph reflects that the diagnosis of autism has increased over the time period. Also, the sales of organic foods has increased over the same time period. There is a strong correlation between these two variables.

To say "there is a direct connection to autism from the consumption of organic foods" is simply not supported by anything remotely displayed on the graph.

Connection- Wrong, you cannot make a causal statement from a correlational study. This is only correct insofar as correlation and connection are synonyms.

From- Again, no causal relationship can be inferred.

Consumption of organic foods- Reading comprehension fail. The variable was sale of organic foods, not consumption. Although I do understand that consumption follows purchase, this graph provides no information to suggest the consumption of organic foods increased with the increase in sales over the same time period, thus it cannot be assumed.

I outline this to make the point that society has a whole has an elementary understanding at best, of graph interpretation and correlations.

May god help our education system.

Based on his interpretation of the graph, you can see how his and other's thought processes are fundamentally flawed and could watch a video like that and say, "see! Obama is the same as hitler!"

It'd be funnier if it wasn't so sad.
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