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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
The video you posted was most definitely intended as a poke at Obama. Denying that is an insult to our intelligence. I do not know your intent for posting. Make what ever claim you want for that.

But lets look at the claims in the video, and yes, I am using Wikipedia as my source. No, I do not believe everything there, if someone has better information feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Born in one country but raised in another: Yes, Hitler was born in Austria,

And raised in Germany:

Father born in yet another country...

Maybe technically true, but not really, he was born in Lower Austria, so still part of Austria.

Many of the next claims seem to be mixing him with his father.

Adolf Hitler was the forth of six children by the same parents...

It was his father that was born of a mother that had children by several different men...

Yes, he did seem to have a closer relationship with his mother than his father...

Knowing the reasons for this would require more research that I am willing to do now.

Mother dies at an early age from cancer...

Yes, she died at 47 from attempt to treat her breast cancer.

Wrote a book idolizing his father... Hitler wrote a few book, but I can not find any that deal significantly with his father. Also, I find nothing about his father abandoning him.

Birth records and real name...

Again, this seems to be an attempt to confuse Adolf Hitlers story with that of his father.

Grew up practicing one faith but converted to Christianity...

I've heard the rumors Hitler was Jewish, but can find nothing that definitely proves it. Just as there's no proof that Obama was ever a practicing Muslim.

Books... I have not read them, but again, while Hitler may have not gotten along with his father, I find nothing about him being "abandon by his father".

Became active in local politics in his 30's...

Yes, true, after a considerable time in the military.

He also attempted a coop in his 30 's and ended up in prison.

"burst onto the national scene in his 40" ... Maybe sort of, but since he already attempted one coop he was hardly the unknown outsider the video implies. Yes, he did raise to power in his 40's.

Powerful persuasive speaker, Yes, most definitely.
Probably more so that Obama who can't speak effectively without a teleprompter.

To be continued...
So much research to make barry not look like hitler. The only difference is the color of their skin or is it the content of their character.

Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
Do you have some kind of anger problem lately? yikes.

I find it intellectually lazy to find something stupid on the internet, post it up and expect other people to do the research to figure out if its true or not. (basically what Aber does in every other post he makes)

I'm not butthurt. I am not an Obama apologist and I don't pleasure myself to his speeches.
Hey don't drag me into this

Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
Aber, I have a question for you. What does this graph mean to you?

This looks like there is a direct connection to autism from the consumption of organic foods.
But we all know it has so much more to do with vaccines.
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