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Originally Posted by Tab View Post
When did I say I thought you were angry? I think you and sova are retards, but not angry. I am more amused at how you freaked out about Jim posting a link and you telling him what he was thinking when he did it. Furthermore, who gives a shit if he did in fact want to make the comparison between hitler and Obama? Why would that provoke a response from you?
I'm not "freaking out", I'm just amused that Jim is trying to claim that the reason he found the link "interesting" was for what it claims about Hitler, and that the thinly veiled poke at Obama had nothing to do with his interest. I find that difficult to believe, but I guess if he said it it must be true.

It provoked a response from me because because this is a discussion board, that's what happens. Someone posted something they find interesting or wish to discuss, and then people respond to it. Sometimes someone makes a claim that others find hard to believe, and others try to call him out of it.

I actually don't care why he posted it, but he chose to tell us, and I do not find it believable. That is all I'm saying.
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