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Originally Posted by wrath View Post
Affordable RAID1 USB external enclosures exist, just put your own drives in it.

You can buy a NAS that does RAID5 for cheap.

Keep in mind that a 3-4TB disk in RAID5 will take about a week to rebuild. 3TB or larger you really need RAID1, RAID10, or if you're a stingy bastard then RAID6.

I keep all my crap on encrypted with TrueCrypt.

I have an AWS account still (tried using it for "anywhere" data and it sucked) but I haven't used it in at least 3 years.
I just read up a little on what RAID is. I understand that depending on what RAID I want, I would need to have between 2-4 drives. They all need to be the same capacity and have the same specs, right?

I don't understand if I need the NAS for it to work? I don't want it to be available on the internet or home network.

So if I bought 4 4tb drives on level RAID 10 that would give me total storage of 8tb?

How is this better than just making 2 backups on 2 drives? You still have the possibility of drive failure. If one drive on the RAID fails, do you need to find a drive with same specs to replace it with?

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