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Originally Posted by liv2mx View Post
my buggy along with many has dom and electra seam tube.i have never had a issue.our stuff have taken many hard bent tubes.i just rolled mine 2.5 times down a hill in canada.nothing bent.i saw a new buggy at koh built out of 1" 1/2 dom all bent up after a light roll. I'm not going to argue.each there own.we are building our own and don't have deep pockets for the big bling stuff.our junk seems to be working just fine.
Yep i built my chassis, didn't buy it.nope its not perfect but i like it and it works.shawn has a hand jack he is bending tube button or fancy jigs. Keep your bullshit in some other thread.
You're getting way too defensive. Nobody badmouthed it or was even a dick, they pointed out logical facts on why other types of materials are a better choice. Some parts are worth spending extra on. Saying one thing worked while another didn't in a completely different situation is asinine; there are way too many variables in something like a rollover to prove anything. Yours has a ton of tube and may have done fine. A KOH rig is more concerned about weight and was likely built with more of a minimalist chassis. How bad would that one have turned out if it had been built with sc40? There are quantified strength values for the various materials and a damn good reason why the sactioning bodies require certain types. If the OP wants to use cheaper stuff then so be it, but someone else pointing out why it's not ideal and is a questionable practice is far from "bullshit".

Also, weird looking hand jack:
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