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Originally Posted by Mike L View Post
Your not winning, Your not losing, Your wasting time and money. The Pentagon is asking for another 100 billion dollars for the war effort. THat is not a misprint. Not 100 thousand, not 100 million but 100 Billion.(I believe that is what Dr. Evil requested in Auston Powers )

People are hungry in this country. People have lost everything because of medical bills due to lack of health insurance. I am not including the crackheads in this. I am talking about hard working americans many who have fought in other wars.

Now we need 100 billion more dollars for a war we can say we won in the future. Then when we pull out the car bombs continue, and attacks on america will continue and Iraq will continue the civil war. people have lost sons, daughters, and parents and it will be all for nothing.

I am a Veteran and this crap makes me sick.

100 billion = .85% of the GDP, not very much. Sure if you look at 100 billion alone it looks like a lot but the GDP is 11,750,000,000,000. (source:CIA fact book.)

Not everyone believes that the government should be responsible for feeding and providing health care for it's population. That's called socialism.....
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