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Like they mentioned on talking dead, would the little girl have gone and gotten a ladder to get eye level with the walker to feed it and shine the light in it's face? I agree with Jason though, I think it's two different entities.

Last nights episode I feel was less exciting than the premier. I enjoyed seeing some character development with Michonne! She almost certainly had a baby, I really can't wait to find out about that.

I understand the whole farmer Rick thing, but hopefully since he put the belt on he's going to go back to B.A. Rick. Glad he gave Carl his gun back.

Do you have any guess on how the Govenor is going to turn back up?

Glenn and Maggie. Not sure what is going on there, but I'd like them both to change their tampons. Maybe that explains Maggie's sudden frailness - maybe she has no need for a tampon for 9 months?

Lastly *SPOILER* If you didn't see ALL of the talking dead - Don't look below!!

The glimpse of next weeks episode - HOLY ZOMBIES!!!!! Holy crap that is insane! I didn't get a great look, but was a train blocking them in?
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