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I don't agree with all of the Iraq adventure.

However, the Commander In Chief does not declare "defeat" with people at risk and in the field. He can, however, declare that a change of strategy and/or objectives is in order. Personally, I think we need to think a lot less about "nation builidng" and more about leaving it to the Iraqis, understanding that a civil war will take (is taking) place. There's many years of pent-up anger between the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds.

However, despite the "prevailing public opinion", which means key members of the leftist media the reasons for going into Iraq were righteous. WMDs were located, and a terrorist-supporting despot was unseated, per the pledge made in the post-9/11 speech, (terrorists and those who shelter or support them).

However, many parts of our society are showing a collective short attention span. It takes a great deal of time to accomplish lasting, sustainable change. God help us if we ever get into another large-scale conflict. With today's society, we'd be pressing to cut and run after the Battle of the Coral Sea or the Anzio landing.
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