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Originally Posted by MonkeyBiz View Post
Ferries are closed. That was one of our 1st plans. The guy that ownes it now said he's never gotten permits to haul it. We are just trying to be legal. Shocking, I know.

Seriously, you're a fucking arrogant fucktard.
This isn't a 'big deal' as you put it. I don't think there has been a single mention of it being to expensive to bring it home. Why pay somebody 4000 dollars to haul the damn thing, when we have a truck that is more than capable, it comes with the trailer to do it. My biggest problem, is I am not educated on the wide load permitting side of it.

As I'm working/self teaching my way though it, I'm figuring it out. The whole point of the thread was seeing if anybody had done it before, and looking for pointers. Not asking opinions on how it should be retrieved. That's already been decided.

More accurately, it like you buying a motor home, and then bitching about having to hire somebody to drive you old ass around in it.
No, not at all. Your very first post said this was going to be a pain in your ass. Seems odd that you (actually your parents) would agree to a purchase out of state without researching the cost and hassle to get it home. The easiest way is to pay the experts and sit back and sip a beer while it is in route.

I agree, you never complained about cost....... my bad.

Your final word in your first post said "help" which to most, would indicate you are looking for opinions and advice.

On the other note, I think you are doing the right thing by making sure you are legal and not just winging it. It's one thing to try to sneak across the U.P., it's another to expect to stroll up to the toll booth in St Ignace and find out you are hosed.
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