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Couple more updates. Getting it ready for a trip this weekend.

First step was to get ride of the old stock rear driveshaft. The last trip to Rocks and Valleys left its mark on it.

Installed a stock front driveshaft in the rear with a junkyard Hack n' Tap SYE. Just google Junkyard hack n tap sye for more info.

Since my Jeep is a 2000, I didn't need the extra seal housing.

After I finished that I moved onto the new steering. 2 of the 4 hiem joints were wasted, the tie rod was bent, and it was time to upgrade. I decided to go to 1 ton TRE's using the RuffStuff Specialties kit. I TIG welded everything, simply because my MIG isn't at my new house yet.

All painted up.

I have to see how it drives, then decide if I need to relocate the Trac bar to get rid of any bump steer.

Here's how the Jeep sits now. Need to recharge the shocks with nitrogen and it will be ready.

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