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Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
I am going with the screw down kind. I don't trust the adhesive to hold, I read some various studies done about different methods for attachements, and most of the adhesives did not fare well.

There is a special type, but it needs like 45 days of warm temps to cure, and its too late in the season to do it. You don't have gutters on that section, I ust put gutters on mine, and have heard of the snow/ice falls ripping them off. Hopefully I'll be putting them on tomorrow, or at least starting them, and I'll let you know how they go.
Gutters 'may' survive but I've heard avlanches coming off my roof @ the 37-39* temperature range that sound scarry! I'm sure that if the lip was high enough to stop the slide it would probably start to create a freeze backup into the roof structure. With the snow jacks AND gutters you'll probably be ok. I woudn't do one without the other.

Originally Posted by RockyMTN05 View Post
I wouldn't think I would...but I love that blue. What exactly is it called? :)
Ocean Blue trim and Light Grey sides. I've been ordering the material through Menards which comes from Midwest Manufacturing out of Ohio. It takes 10 days to get an order processed including custom bent stuff.

Originally Posted by Buggy_Tim View Post
I had issues with the little bastards. All I has to do was change to a different stain and they quit pecking at the house.
Tried that a number of times including an additive that was suppose to detour insects and as a result the woodpeckers would some looking for bugs. However, woodpeckers sense 'hollow' or echoing when they peck. Hence they think there is a stash of insects so they keep pecking. The dam peckers bored a hole in my attic area which was a PITA to get corrected.
Good luck on the stain route. What kind was it that you used. I used Thompsoms for nearly all my work.

Originally Posted by fordbronco View Post
While I'm not the biggest fan of the steel siding; I have to say, this color combination is growing on me. I have seen some really ugly steel cladded houses, and this isn't one of them. Looks cool.
We looked at 10 or so different combinations including tri-colors. Red turns to pink, so that color came off the top for consideration from the get go, plus it looks to 'barn-ish'. We also looked at some of the greens and tans. We decided to keep it fairly clean. I wanted a darker grey but kinda glad we pick the lighter one. We'll accent the stone and lighting fixtures with the darker tones of grey.

Thanks for all the positive comments. (and the one negative one to!)

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