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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
FYI, if you smoke in your BBQ you will ruin it in no time. I did the same thing, use my BBQ for smoking. It worked great as a smoker, but because of the drippings, when I went to use it as a BBQ again, look out grease fires! I tried everything and nothing worked to get the grease out. I tried powerwashing, letting it burn, ect. I finally had to buy a new BBQ. If you care about your bbq, don't use it as a smoker. As far as temps go..I run anything from 200-250 depending on what I'm smoking
I have been using my bbq as a smoker for the last couple of years and don't have any of the aforementioned problems.

My bbq is a peice of shit to begin with, but I don't have any grease fire problems.

That said I like to smoke chicken, pork, ribs, etc. My favorite is a big ass pork loin wrapped in bacon smoked over applewood. 6-8 hours at 225*
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