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Originally Posted by Jiveturkey3 View Post
Just had another issue today. Had basic Internet only installed New Year's Eve 2012 and have got 2 bills. First on was wrong and second was a shut off notice. Internet was shut of this morning, they called around 3. I explained I don't pay the bill my company does and it does not get payed until a bill is received. The lady told me it must be my fault somehow. She said she would email the last three months to me in 5 min. It's been almost 12 hours.
I had a similar experience with Charter years ago. Except they never sent the bills they claimed they would send, and I was sending them payments and stopping in and making payments even though I'd never get a bill. They eventually sent me to collections but I had produced every cancelled check and every receipt from their office so they dismissed it. I cancelled their service and then a few years later I got another call from a collections agency for Charter. Reproduced the same documentation and called Charter direct to see WTF. Their rep said they "restored from backup" and were having a lot of these type of calls to go through. But even with all that, Charter was still better than Comcast.
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