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Default Comcast sucks!

Holy christ I can't even begin to understand how people put up with this dick hole of a company.

Multiple attempts to order online; fail.

Multiple phone calls to order over the phone; fail.

Finally gave up and went to their local branch and ordered a self install. They scrounge around on the floor and back shelf to find a "kit". The power adapter is Netgear, the modem is Cisco but whatever, the amps and watts match. I ponder how they'll fukc me over this detail when I try to turn it in down the road.

Their "techs" basically do a drive by, throw their wires at your house and speed off. I'm reminded of that scene from Grown Ups 2 where Chris Rock waits all day for the lady to hit the shitter then runs up and tags the door.

After they're gone, I go outside to inspect their high quality work. Their shitty cable is dangling off the side of my house. My shitty cable has had its F connector torn off. This is the only network I've ever seen that works by free air.

Comcast are a bunch of dick bags. The only organization I can think of right now that's worse is TSA.

And don't say Congress. That's a given!
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