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if i make it till monday that will be two weeks so far without a cigarette. this e cig is working better than i thought it would. since i started using it, i have only had a few small urges for a normal smoke but the urges lasted only seconds.

considering i smoked for 28 years at a pack or more a day i started on the 36mg and when that bottle is gone i'm going down to the 24mg and continue to drop from there. it may take six months to get to zero nicotine but i'm ok with that, i've set a goal and expect to achieve it this time.

i've tried a few different flavored juices but haven't found any i like. i'm using the "tobacco" liquid and am happy with it. so for now that is what i'm sticking with.

so far i'm very happy with e cig and feel like this may truly help me quit normal smokes.

i've still been researching WTF is in the juice but haven't found any solid evidence that besides the nicotine, there is anything in it that makes this an unsafe alternative. either way, i'm off the cigarettes and feel good about that continuing.
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