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A quick civics lesson on the Constitution and our three branches of the federal government.
The constitution sets forth and enumerates the duties of the three branches of government.

The house holds the purse strings and pays for laws created by the Senate and approved by the Executive. They are given the power to defund anything approved by a previous congress. This was intended as a way to provide for a balanced budget.

The executive branch determines constitutionality and either approves or rejects a law. The executive branch may not create a law.

The Senate creates laws. Senators were originally chosen by state legislatures. This was done to prevent senators from creating laws adverse to their states. The state legislatures could remove a senator.

So, to clarify, the only branch of government that is currently working within their constitutional duties is the house of representatives. Anyone who says the ACA is the law of the land is ignorant of the Constitution and needs to be reminded.
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