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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
I see what you did there....It's not the same though. If I'm keeping my normal pace (20-22MPH) and I'm going by a walker (2-3MPH?) I could be doing upwards of 11 times their speed. Even slowing down would still put me in the 4 or 5X range. That would be like you trying to pass a cyclist, who is weaving back and forth and is completely unpredictable, at 200ish MPH. Do you get why that wouldn't be safe?

Also, there is a method to cycling that involves training your Cadence (RPM's of your legs) to remain steady. If you're training in this matter, bike paths that stop and go and are busy are pretty much useless. When I'm training that way, I go to the country.
Originally Posted by MuddyPaws View Post
Really? I see them on the sidewalks all the time. Haven't seen a "anti-sidewalk-bicycle task force" pulling people over either. Oh and running red lights, stop signs and riding in the left hand turn lane is totally legit right?

Are you actually saying it is more dangerous to ride on the sidewalk then it is to ride in a 5 lane road? Really? Well shit, no wonder kids all over are dying. They aren't riding out in traffic with cars and trucks where they belong.

See above...
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