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Originally Posted by 93yj06unlimited View Post
You didn't read my post very accurately did you ? The bike path or more accurately bike lane is on the road, the road has been widened to include a lane 5 feet wide for cyclists only no pedestrians it is lined with bike path painted in their lane and signs all over the place yet these inconsiderate idiots choose to ride in the car traffic lanes. So yes if they hold me up I will lay some black diesel smoke all over them.
My bad, I missed that.

Just like any other gropu of people, there are exceptions.

Originally Posted by MuddyPaws View Post
Training really? If you are that worried about training, then go rent a damn track. You still have to stop for stop signs and red lights and school buses, and pedestrians....or do you not follow the rules of the road and just blast through those things like most riders?

I hope none of you have a heart condition because this will send you're heart rate up a notch.....I don't stop for stop signs unless there are other cars at or approaching the intersection. The only exception for stopping at stop lights are ones that are weight triggered. Other wise I stop at every single one, in my proper lane as if I were a car. If it's really busy traffic and I'm at a wieght triggered one I'll just move up past the stop line and have the car behind me activate it. If it's not busy traffic, I'll treat eat as a stop sign.

Here's a dilemma that I always wonder about when I'm riding. Would you rather me obey the law completely and make a complete stop, foot off the pedal then start up again if I were the first vehicle to the sign? I'm sure you wouldn't. I still stop, but I'm sure most of you would pissed that I wasted your time being legal and making a complete stop. Just like being legal and riding on the road.
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