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the pickup coil (cam sensor) and main coil (assuming you ignition coil) does totally different things. You need to go back and follow the trouble shooting steps described before. You would test the cam sensor and the ignition coil in different ways.

My guess is you have a broken wire somewhere in the harness for the cam sensor. Check the pigtail for your +5v, ground, and check the signal wire for shorts back to the ECU. if that test fine, then you need to back probe the cam sensor with 5v test light or a analog meter to check for a +5v pulse while cranking an the signal wire. If you have checked the signal wires for shorts and it test ok, you can check for the pulse at either the sensor or the ecu. If you get your +5v pulse, you should NOT be getting a code 54. If you do, its internal to the ECU.

To test the coil, you will need to check resistance in the coil plug. You can also check the pigtail that plugs into the coil. You should have a +12V with key on. The ground is shorted to by the ECU to fire the coil at the correct time. If you check your coil while cranking and get a ground pulse on one of the wires, than your ECU is getting a cam signal and something is wrong with your coil (if it didn't fire).

Good luck.
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