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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Well it looks like my contribution to my health insurance is going up 11% ($1.16 per week). How will I survive?

No, I do not know how much my employer contributes, Last time I saw a number it was $80 something.
So you pay $45/month for your health insurance? No wonder you don't care what happens, you have no stake in the game.

I used to be like you. I paid $0/month when I was with Pfizer and never understood the costs. Now I pay almost $300 a month for the plan, and that only covers 80% of my costs, which work out to be another $150/month for my typical 20% supplies (not including procedures). Obamacare is going to cost people similar amounts to me, but not anywhere near as low as you pay.
I'm not quoting idiots who promote unsafe recovery strap techniques anymore. :miff:
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