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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
With the two party system as it sits they need to be able to bargin with each other and make compromises which this sitting president has said he will not compromise or try and work it out.
But he will have talks with the new president of Iran and try to hammer out a deal about their nuclear ambitions.
He'd rather deal with terrorists than the people of this country
Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
And of course I disagree. It's bullshit for the to insist on changing an existing law before they will agree to fund basic government functions.
The President and the Dems negotiated with the GOP on the ACA over and over again. Each time when the GOP got what they wanted they still voted against the bill. The ACA has been Law for over 3 years now, implementing the law is no longer a negotiating point. Shutting down the government does not defund the law. Shutdown is political bullshit.

Negotiating the Budget? Another thing that has been blocked. 18 requests over the past year by the Dems to go to committee and negotiate budget points. 18 denials and refusals to go to committee by the GOP.

So now, the Government is shut down and the ACA is still going strong with new portions implemented today, including the Exchanges.

Even John McCain said there was no way to stop the law, let's move on and try to fix what they think is broke. (paraphrasing here)

And I love how Obama is being demonized for making a significant step in the right direction when it comes to peace with Iran. Laughable how it is being held against him.
Besides I heard it said that he should have an easy time with the Iranians since he has had plenty of practice dealing with hardline religious conservative zealots over the course of the last 5 years. (that would be the GOP if you were not paying attention)
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