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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
And of course I disagree. It's bullshit for the to insist on changing an existing law before they will agree to fund basic government functions.
Even in a shut down basic functions continue, only non-essential functions stop. Grandma will still get her social security checks, the military still functions, border patrol is still patrolling, USPS will still deliver mail, unemployment money will still be distributed, food stamps are still given out, the IRS will continue to collect taxes, etc., etc., etc.

So, why is it bullshit when these representatives are doing what they were sent there to do? That's what the mid-term elections were all about. Most of those elected ran on a platform of stopping Obamacare. Now when they do what the people sent them there for they're called dangerous terrorists by the opposing party with claims of holding us hostage. Fear mongering.

The real bullshit is no budget for about 5 years now, instead we have to constantly go through these continuing resolutions to fund the government.

The real bullshit is all the laws Obama has either changed, waived or out right ignored, including provisions in his own signature law.

Why isn't any of that front page news? You would think that the U.S. President waiving provisions of a federal law which bans the supply of weapons and money to terrorists so he can arm Syrian rebels (read al Qaeda) would be front page news. You KNOW it would be if the other party was in the White House, hell, it's giving aid to our enemies.

The people are fed up and the slight backbone some elected officials are showing proves that.
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