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Originally Posted by creeping death View Post
i truly wish it was that easy. like i said in an earlier post, i've given up many bad habits in the past and have failed with going cold turkey on the cigs every time no matter how mentally determined i felt.
i've been smoking for 28 years and the only thing that has truly helped me quit was chantix but it gives me mean and very angry side effects and thats just not me. i can't handle being mean and pissed off for months at a time.
so, finding a good high quality alternative sounds like it may be a step in the right direction.
after looking online at 100's of reviews and numerous different e cigs i feel like i'd be ok with dropping some extra cash on a quality unit.

any of you have any experience with the ProVari? worth the cash? i like quality and the feel, construction and function is very important.

i personally spend over $200 a months in cigarettes and feel if it helped me quit, it would pay for itself in a month. i'm also on the fence about buying a used one on ebay for the fact i don't like the idea of smoking something god only knows who or what had their lips on.
I know it's not that easy, they say that it is harder to quit smoking than it is to quit heroin. I hate even admitting it but I smoked for a good bit of my life, I kinda feel like an idiot for ever doing it. I know how hard it is. I try to get a lot of my friends who still smoke to quit.

I don't know you, just "creeping death" but "creeping death" seems like a pretty good guy and I'd like him to quit smoking too.....I really don't want to see him puffing on some e-chemical fake cigarette either, I want to see him just quit and benefit from it.

I hope you have done as well today as you did yesterday with out smoking. Stop buying lighters, matches, and any other form of flame that will allow you to light a smoke, make it difficult to have a smoke and it will help, the longer you go between each smoke all on your own the more you'll realize you can go with out them. Never quit quitting, even if it means a funny e cigarette thing....I just hope the e cig isn't worse for you than the real cig.
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