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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
I didn't see any outright bans or plans for an outright ban by the EPA. Could it be that Aber's link belongs to a web sight the promotes sensationalism and scare tactics to further it's belief/agenda that the boogie man is coming? All I could find on the web was information about the encouragement of people to use cleaner burning stoves or at least reducing their burning during high pollution times. The only sites stating the EPA was coming to get your wood burning stove were of the paranoid government conspiracy type. I found 0 (zero) articles listing the actual restrictions or links to the actual law regarding the EPA's purported evil plan to make all people trying to be self sufficient become slaves to the guberment. CHEMTRAILS!
There was not anything about a ban but more like regulations. I think this is just another ploy to introduce and tighten controls as far as the environment.
Global make people think we have a real serious problem and if we don't introduce more regulations to control.....the people, then the world will never be the same. Says Al Gore
The UN just released some crap about how much more air pollutants and man made emissions are the main cause for the earths climate problems.
Just this year the artic ice caps have increased to 60% of what they were last year. Shipping lanes that were opened last year are closed due to ICE.

Oh and yes the boggie man is coming, but not how you might think
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