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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
You would have to set-up some campaign limits or something to that effect. Otherwise they wouldn't actually do their jobs but instead be on the campaign trail 24/7.
Two month campaign limit to keep our attention deprived society happy. One single election/ticket for every elected official set on one single day to keep the complexity and cost down.
I am thinking November 12th because it would give the Federal workers a day off(Veterans day)before the need to work there butt off. Employers would be encouraged(not supported by any federal funding) to give November 12th off so employees could make sure to vote.

It is far from perfect and sure lots of people would complain at first. I imagine the networks would spike there prices and the job market would receive a temporary spike in the process.
I doubt any of those on either side would pass something that would cause them to work harder towards a better result unless the public demanded it.

All current terms would be expanded or shortened till the agreed two year mark of say November 12th 2016 via the bill. A restriction on a withdrawal of the two year term would be placed at 8 years. With this vital restriction they would not be able to vote it back to 4,6,8 year elections until 2024 per the restriction within the law.

This would only effect elected officials. Laws and such in your local community/state could be voted on throughout the year.

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