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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
If they wanted insurance they should have made better choices in life. I knew that health insurance was something that I had to have so I worked my ass off to get and keep a good job that gives it to me. It is called personal responsibility. If you are unable to work because of a legitimate health reason you get health care through the government right now. Obama care is giving health care to the people that are completely able bodied with the ability to work but are too busy leeching off the rest of us in every way that they can. If someone is too lazy to help themselves why should the rest of us have to suffer with worse health care to help them out? I don't give a shit about a crack dealer with a cold and a hangnail.
Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Maybe I just work harder.
Originally Posted by Coyote Red View Post
Maybe other companies can't afford to keep people on their system anymore with the changes to come. So they cut hours to the point people no longer qualify for health care or they just cut their programs completely. Not something the people can chose to work harder about or to qualify for when they haven't been given a choice to do so at their current job.
Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
But it's already been established in this thread that the likelihood of getting good health insurance was directly related to how hard you work. So if I'm keeping my insurance while others lose theirs it must mean that I'm a harder worker than them.
I'm with Bruce on this one. Seriously.

Originally Posted by SS View Post
Why do you guys argue with Bruce?

You know damn well that you won't change his opinion over the internet and that 99% of the time he's just playing devil's advocate.
He plays Devils advocate on purpose to get people to think. I hope people have made the connection that not everybody can just work thier way into a better place. Thier jobs restrict thier upward movement. Chances are, if they are in that postion, they aren't able to just look for another job either.

Is the answer obamacare? Hell no. But the 'american' idea that you just have to work harder is not true due to companies screwing over thier employees.
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