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Default DIY Control arms

I am long over due for control arms, at least lowers. I plan on making them myself, or at least have them made. I can get DOM tubing for pretty much at cost so I am really just in need of rod ends. That is where I am having a problem. I don't know if I want to do Johnny joints, bushings, or whatever else I could do. I have been reading up on other forums and I guess I haven't really found my answer.

So my question is, what size DOM tubing would be good for LCA's, what kind of rod ends will be my best option, and can I used factory CA mounts (frame/axle) or would I need new ones?

This Jeep will be my daily driver for about another year, at least just to get me through the winter so I can park my truck. I won't be doing any hard wheeling until I build one tons and such. So for the most part, it will see street use and mild trails.

I read that for a DD, it is good to run a JJ and a bushing on each CA. I also read that JJ's can wear out (or maybe it was heims) if used on CA's on a DD. I guess the road wear really wears them out. I like that you can rebuild JJ's, but I don't know who to get them from if that's what I end up going with. I want to do this right, and be able to use my rod ends again when I finally stretch the Jeep so all I would have to get is tubing.

My Jeep still has the stock CA's and the stock frame/axle mounts. The arms are bent up to hell, and I think the bushings are pretty much done for. Can I use the stock mounts on both frame and axle for JJ's/heims/bushings? I know the factory pressed mounts are junk, but like I said this will only be a DD through this winter so I'm not worried about them. No more hard wheeling until I get big boy axles.

That is all I can think of for now. I just want to be pointed in the right direction so I do this right the first time. Thanks for any and all help. It's greatly appreciated!
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