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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
He can try, all we can do is hope the people are not dumb enough to allow this to happen.
If so, we are all screwed.
I blame the Republican party for not getting Obama out. Obama was as ripe for getting knocked out of office as George W was after his first term.

Trotting Romney out (and the Dems when they brought out Heinz-Kerry) to go against a sitting POTUS with extremely low approval ratings and managing to lose was a sign of incompetence.

The problem I see is that too many in both the Christian Coalition and the Tea Party would rather sit home and let the Republicans lose rather than support a candidate that doesn't 100% match their punch card. And if you allow the party to match either of their punch cards, there is little chance attract swing voters.

The Dems had this problem when George W was in office, now the Republicans have had this problem going against Obama.
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