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I think it would be great if everyone had health insurance, all treatable illnesses could be taken care of, etc.

There are ways to accomplish this. There is no need for certain medical procedures to cost umpteen million dollars. Unfortunately the legal system has created this mess. Some states have malpractice caps, others do not. This is one reason my wife and I will probably be leaving the state when her residency wraps up in 8 months.

Create an environment for the economy to thrive, and the rest will follow. This ass backwards way to accomplish this that Obama wants will be devastating.

The other issue is that the large majority of people in this country could give two shits about their health. They want to eat whatever they want, do whatever they want, and just take a pill for their blood pressure or cholesterol. They spend their money on their wants, and not their needs. When they run into health complications in the 40's and 50's, it's not their fault, and all of their health bills should be taken care of. How we got to this point in this country boggles my fucking mind.

You can't teach personal responsibility, but you can force it to be an option. Handouts, entitlement, and simply giving things away only encourages this.
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