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*Casa Calabria is a good nicer restaurant.
*Border Grille has a couple of locations and I really like the burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, etc. I like most of their menu
*Vengo's has good bar food
*Vierling has good beer
*Blackrocks brewery is a new brewery in town they keep expanding so the college kids must really like their beer.
*Portside has best breadsticks in town, decent pizza, good menu
*Wooden Nickel (if its still open is a great dive bar)
*Remmies is also a good dive bar
*Flanigans is a good irish pub (if its still there across the street from the Ramada on washington)

*Dead river falls (wright street to forestvill road park by the powerplant) You can hike, cliff jump, swim
*Sugarloaf 550 just north of town, short 10-15 minute hike, nice views of town, has some stairs and such to help you to the top, not real "rugged"
* Hogsback - 550 Just north of sugarloaf and acrossed the street, taller than sugarloaf more "rugged" hike, no stairs, less people, awesome views 40-45 minute hike to the top (Unless you come in from the back but that can be tricky and easy to get lost)
*Wetmore Beach (across the street from Hogsback just north of sugarloaf) cool little beach sandwiched in between some rocky shorelines
* Little Presque Island - Just north of Wetmore Beach/Sugarloaf off 550, has a cool beach and a really cool little island you can explore, the island is 100 yards off shore and you can wade out to it across the rocks, follow the right path and its never more than thigh deep, follow the wrong path and it can tickle your nipples.
There is a trail system that you can follow that can get you from Sugarloaf to Wetmore to Lil Presque, actually it all connects to harlowe lake to bareback to wetmore pond and hogsback, I don't know if there are maps or anything, but if you or someone you are with knows the area the trail network is not too hard to follow.
*Morgan Falls - Out near the ski hill, just before the ski hill turn right onto the snowmobile trail, the river will be on your left, just start hiking pretty much anywhere and head up river, its not too far
*Mt. Marquette - One way road in off of 41, start in near the hotel at the mouth of the carp river between harvey and marquette, drive to the top cool views of the city, it's a snowmobile trail in the winter and will spit you out at the trail that leads to morgan falls, make a right on the paved road and you'll head right back to town.
*Palmer - Big ass Iron Ore mine, across the street is a seasonal road that you can follow back to a huge ass bluff where we used to do a lot of rock climbing, you also get a pretty nice view from there.

Everything but the bluff in palmer I mentioned is accessible by a honda civic.

I always like to take a drive down Lakshore drive starting right off 41 as I enter into town all the way to presque isle park, I think the ore docks are cool and there's always at least one girl almost as cute as our wives out running you can catch a glimpse of.

If you're looking for anything else that is a bit farther from town or not as easy to find shoot me a PM and/or give me a call.
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