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From everything that I have gathered from brewmenn, I am okay with people dying on the streets because I refuse to pay for their healthcare.

I am such a bad person.... who doesn't give a flying fukc. I work hard, pay taxes, pay my bills on time, and have never needed any kind of assistance. Why? Because I don't want to end up like a bum. I want to better my education, advance in my career, and have the life I want to live. I am able bodied to work therefore I do. I may not like it at times, but I have to do what it takes.

BUT! Maybe I will take my able bodied self and just take a 5 year vacation. Just not work, quit school, get on government assistance, get bridge card, the whole nine yards. At all of your expenses! brewmenn, you're okay with that right? I need free healthcare, but I don't want to work for it.
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