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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
Since you don't read well I will give you the cliffs notes.

-leave the health care system alone

-our country is in debt up to our eyeballs

-we need to pay off what we owe before we pick up more bills

-I, as a productive member of society, deserve better health care than a lazy handout seeker

Questions I have for you

1-do you believe that giving more to a lazy person is going to motivate them to do more for themselves?

2-do you believe that parents pass attitude traits whether good or bad onto their children?

3-in a socialist system which class disappears; upper, middle or low?

4-financially, do you think this is a smart time for us to spend more or buckle down and get our country into a better financial situation?

5-do you believe in the tooth fairy?
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