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These programs are there to help people who are living in poverty. By poverty I am talking a house hold income of $2 a day. That is before debt or any assistance.

If you can work you should. There is always a job out there most of these people are to lazy or getting enough for not working it does not justify working.

My father had a shop across from Mel Trotter growing up. His old shop is now there parking lot. I can tell right away someone that needs help and someone that is simply lazy. If they need help then I will help them without putting myself in jeopardy.

I don't give money to lazy people I ask them to perform a task or barter with them. People that need the money will do the task or trade. People that are lazy will not.

My favorite usually goes like this:
"Hey man can you give me/us money for a Bus ticket (with some excuse following)."
Bus tickets are quite expensive and handing over $80-$150 is not something I tend to do without a reason.

I look them up and down and see if I notice anything they don't need. If I don't see anything I will ask them to open there bag or whatever. Usually I can find something that they like and don't need like headphones, mp3 player, etc. I give them enough for a bus ticket in exchange for the item.

I have a few mp3 players, crappy dvd players, portable gaming systems, I have even bought a purse before. I give most of it to goodwill or the army via drop boxes. The point is to teach them a lesson not take advantage of them. The woman I got the purse from was more then glad to hand it over and stuff her pockets with junk to get home.

I don't take pity on people that place them self in a situations they could have easily avoided. Stuff does happen and everyone needs a little bit of help every now and then.

You should help them because you want to not because you are forced to.

If I could see myself being in the same situation I will gladly help in anyway I can. If see that they damn near deliberately placed them self's in that situation I will barter.

I grew up volunteering at Bethany, march of dimes, mel trotter and others for my weekends. If we did not do that we were working on something.

I do not give to charities. I will volunteer doing remedial work when I have time available. But giving and then getting a response along the lines of "why not" tends to hit a nerve.
It is not something you are required to do. That is the point of charity work. If it is something that your forced to do that is work or punishment.

I sure as hell am not working for these people to sit on there butt without getting something in return.

You want your bridge card? I want to see you (and other local capable bodies within 1/4 a mile) at 12 mile and Franklin on Saturday from 8am to Noon. We will be picking up the community during that time. If you do not show up your bridge card will be reduced or increased(within the set limits)by 10%.
This would have set bridge people over looking others which would eventually become a career for those over seers if they showed they actually were cleaning up the area.

This same thing could apply to those without health insurance and able to perform community service in some manner.

How would the trash get to the dump? A 2% reduction in bridge card overall would pay for this. That would allow local trash companies to provide a dumpster that will be filled that Saturday at the location.

I don't care if they sit around most of the time dragging there feet and talking. If 30 people fill a dumpster 1/2 full in 4 hours Parts of Detroit could be clean within a few years.

As long as I have something to show for paying for them to be lazy I wont feel so screwed over.
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