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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
Single mom trying to make it? Ummmm most of those already have government health care. Was it my choice that she got pregnant? Nope? I chose to use protection when having sex so I wouldn't end up getting some chick knocked up. People who truly need health care are already covered by the current system. Anybody who truly works hard and tries to succeed in life can do it. The big issue is I am getting punished for other peoples lack of drive. For every person that obama care helps there will be a thousand people who abuse it. When it comes down to it our economy is swirling the drain as it is, do you really think we can afford to give more to people with no ethics? We keep breeding more and more people that are just waiting for the next handout. If more of those lazy motherfuckers that could work would work they could be an asset to society instead of being a drain.

It all comes down to personal responsibility. If you don't try, I don't care.
So you're OK with dying people on the sidewalk in front of the hospital?
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