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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
If they wanted insurance they should have made better choices in life. I knew that health insurance was something that I had to have so I worked my ass off to get and keep a good job that gives it to me. It is called personal responsibility. If you are unable to work because of a legitimate health reason you get health care through the government right now. Obama care is giving health care to the people that are completely able bodied with the ability to work but are too busy leeching off the rest of us in every way that they can. If someone is too lazy to help themselves why should the rest of us have to suffer with worse health care to help them out? I don't give a shit about a crack dealer with a cold and a hangnail.
Here's the problem with your "if they wanted insurance they should have made better choices in life" idea. It sounds nice, and works for those who were fortunate enough to be guided to do so. For others, it's not that easy. Can you work hard and move up in a company? Make your self more valuable? Absolutely, But that doesn't mean that EVERYBODY can. Nor does saying "You should have made better choices" help the single mother who is trying to better her self by working, going to school, and taking care of 2 kids. Most of you on here (or those that have commented or agreed with your sentiment) would consider her a free loader and a leech to our society. Or am I missing something? Because that's exactly what you guys are saying.

I want to be crystal clear in saying I don't support, in any way or fashion, obamacare.
I quoted my self to make it clear I don't think it's the answer but I also don't think "work harder because it worked for me" is the answer either. Because you were fortunate to be have that insight and most people aren't. I'm all for kicking the moochers off, but there are people that legitimately use assistance as tool to work up to the position your so proud to be in.
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