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If a government health care plan is good enough for my constituents, then it’s good enough for the people who passed it.

Our government was built on checks and balances: Separation of powers, split between three branches of government, with each branch having equal powers. This system works, even when both sides are stalled and in disagreement. It’s to the benefit of our country. When Congress cannot agree, that means the bill is not fit to be a law. Obamacare is perfect proof that this system must be upheld. Having legislation jammed through Congress in a hyperpartisan way and signed into law without a solidified plan is detrimental to our country.

As the Oct. 1 open enrollment date for the Obamacare exchanges approaches, it is no surprise that the American public’s support for the government takeover of health care is at its lowest levels since the law’s passage in 2010. Time and again, the administration has repealed components, delayed deadlines or unilaterally modified major aspects of the president’s health care law, which proves the law simply does not work.

Plagued by delays and broken promises, President Barack Obama’s health care law is now sputtering toward a soft launch, bleeding the backing of even its staunchest allies along the way. Millions of Americans have lost their employer-provided health insurance due to burdensome mandates, premiums for hard working families have spiked under the law and an unsettling trend of a permanent part-time workforce has resulted.

I have spoken with a number of small business owners about how the mandate will affect them. On a number of occasions I’ve been told that firms are refraining from hiring new employees, despite having work for them, because an increase in employment would take the company over the threshold to provide health insurance. A chef and owner of an up-and-coming restaurant says he will have to make do with his current staff. And a construction contractor could use more hands but cannot take the increased strain of the ACA on his business. On a national scale, many more businesses have announced their plans on how to cope with this job-killing law. Trader Joe’s will no longer provide benefits to part-time workers, SeaWorld will reduce hours for up to 18,000 part-time workers and Stryker laid off more than 1,000 employees.

While the law was being debated, I supported an amendment that put members of Congress, the president, and cabinet officials in the exchanges. On Dec. 31, the health insurance plans members of Congress and their staff currently receive through the federal government will be terminated and they will be required to get their health insurance through the government-run exchanges created by Obamacare.

In just seven days, my staff and I will lose our current coverage and be forced to join the exchange.

I opposed Obamacare at every turn. Isn’t it ironic that the members who voted for Obamacare are now trying to exempt themselves?

My hope is that if members of the House and Senate feel the same effect as their districts, something substantial will change and Congress will finally come to the table with a real solution to our nation’s health care problem. We are the United States of America, with the keyword being “United” and together Congress and their constitutes will ride this “trainwreck” together, even the members who voted for Obamacare.

U.S. Rep Mike Rogers, R-Brighton, represents Michigan’s 8th District.

From The Detroit News:
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