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Originally Posted by fullthrottle View Post
So your now god Mr. Grease. you know alcohol was involved? You were there, you saw it all personally. Reports stated alcohol wasn't a factor. You are certainly a moron, thanks for proving it.

He's a professional sports player on once again his own time, accidents do happen. Doesn't matter if he wears a lions jersey or not. Mr. Peyton must be a undisciplined piece of shit also....oh wait just cause he doesn't wear a certain uniform, he's a great guy? Seriously? That's what I get out of all this bullshit. Their uniform makes them all horrible shitty people cause everyone else is perfect.

I'ma go sit in my padded room now so I can be responsible and go to work tomorrow just like Chad and Greasestain. Yes, I have drank Kool-Aid all my life I like all the flavors really. I'm pretty open and understanding. I can't hang here with all this Mr. perfects. I shall go "FUCK OFF NOW"
You really should lighten up, or take the blinders off and look at how many lions have fucked up over the years on or off the field, the organization has a history of drafting busts, undisciplined players, screw ups off the field, etc....

So, here I am listening to the DETROIT sports talk radio station, and what are they saying.....

1. Same old lions
2. Has anyone ever driven 70 mph down the freeway and had pizza flying all over the car? Steady speed, straight line, no big bumps, hills, etc to cause stuff in the car to fly all over.
3. Awful "odd" situation, just doesn't make sense.
4. Why was he out getting pizza at 2am? Who's even open then?
5. Why if he makes a million bucks a year didn't he order delivery? Too cheap to tip?

These people were the hosts of the radio show, not the callers.

Who's mr. Peyton? Is he a lion? Did he get drunk and crash into the center barrier at 2am?

I'm not sure if its the uniform that makes them morons, or if the lions just only sign morons, but i think you might be on to something. How many lions get traded and end up winning super bowls or becoming good players elsewhere? How many good players come to detroit and end up bums? You know, it probably is the jersey. They should bring back the black ones with blue numbers, those were cool.
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